Hide Google Plus Notifications on Google and Gmail

Tired of Google aggressively pushing Google Plus? Don’t want to share your search results with friends?  Not feeling social while you read your email?

I wrote a tiny userstyle to hide Google Plus notifications on Google and Gmail. I’ll update it as necessary.


Goodbye Planet GNOME

I have been a Planet GNOME blogger for almost three years now. Every post has been a pleasure. I learned some truly odd and interesting things, like how to strangely pass parameter in C and how the kernel reads shebangs.

For over two years PGO has put up with my oddities, like buying AskJeevesMom.com. I never received warnings to stay on topic. The GNOME community is the most friendly and welcoming online community I know. #gnome-hackers was my home as a teenager and I don’t think I heard a dirty word once. The GNOME community simply rocks.

Knowing that my posts end up on PGO has always made blogging seem like a bold and glorious undertaking, though I felt a midget among giants. My posts end up on the same page where HP blogs and Mark Shuttleworth announces.

Tonight I’m saying goodbye because in three weeks my blog will be removed from PGO and I support that decision.

You see, my blog was once about GNOME and Linux. When I was added to PGO in 2009, I was a new and passionate GNOME user who blogged about Zeitgeist. Today I use OS X and occasionally GNOME 2. I used to be passionate about FOSS, but nowadays I’m a student and I’m just happy if I eat two meals a day, preferably with a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice, assuming that isn’t over-budget, but of course it always is.

It has been a pleasure. If you want to follow me, subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed, follow @aantn or plus me - or even just email me. Do people still use RSS? I still use email.

So long and thanks for all the fish.


Away from home? Hack some good for the holidays

Happy holidays, everyone!

I’m off for Hanukah and I want to donate a few holiday hours to a charitable project. Do you know of a good cause that could use a C hacker or independent Python web developer? Let me know and I’ll donate four hours tomorrow night, with the goal of continuing to help out during the new year.

Are you a coder yourself? Can you pledge the same? Send me an email and we will code for good tomorrow.

Update: Join us in #holidayhack on Freenode!


Dear Google, Please Stop This

I hate it when Google auto-corrects my searches without telling me.

I didn’t search for Magic or hotkeys. It’s okay to auto-correct, but give me an undo link.


Dear Lazyweb

I’m not sure where to report a bug for Ubuntu’s download page. My blog is aggregated on planet.gnome.org so I’m sure that the appropriate people will read this:

Ubuntu’s DVD downloads need to be updated. Right now anyone who clicks on them will start downloading Hardy Heron.

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