Away from home? Hack some good for the holidays

Happy holidays, everyone!

I’m off for Hanukah and I want to donate a few holiday hours to a charitable project. Do you know of a good cause that could use a C hacker or independent Python web developer? Let me know and I’ll donate four hours tomorrow night, with the goal of continuing to help out during the new year.

Are you a coder yourself? Can you pledge the same? Send me an email and we will code for good tomorrow.

Update: Join us in #holidayhack on Freenode!

  1. Josh says:

    I want to help code :)

  2. Jesse says:

    i want to help too! know ruby and rails, but can pick up python if necessary. also HTML, CSS, Javscript etc.

  3. Umair Ashraf says:

    How are you guys at PHP? I am alone working at SenchaFiddle.com

  4. Radagaisus says:


    Head over to openKnesset. They do awesome work, they need help, and they use Python – http://oknesset.org/

  5. Jose Luis says:

    C# anyone? Im open to sharing some time

  6. John Britton says:

    We’re always looking for contributors to Peer 2 Peer Universtiy, check us out at http://p2pu.org

    You can get started with the project here: https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/wiki

  7. Jonathan Lambert says:

    Dreams can change in a heartbeat. The plans we’ve made suddenly take a back seat to reality, which is exactly what happened to Ross Dillon at approximately 2:50 in the afternoon on June 3, 2002 . The 25 year old cyclist was on a training ride on Occidental Road near Mills Station in Sonoma County, California.

    The bike lane there is wide, the road wider still. It was a gorgeous day and we can only imagine what Ross was thinking. His marriage to Katie Meyers was just a little over two months away and he was getting ready to enter Boston College Law School in the fall after graduating cum laude from Santa Clara University with a BS in Economics. He’d taken a short break on a perfect spring day to take advantage of riding some of his favorite Sonoma County roads.

    Suddenly a car drifted into the bike lane, hitting Ross from behind at approximately 50 miles per hour. He was catapulted up and over the hood of the car, striking his head on the car and shattering his helmet before being thrown in excess of 150 feet.

    He probably should have died from the impact, but his body is that of a serious athlete: strong and fit from miles of training rides. Another thing in his favor: the good Samaritans who stopped to administer aid knew exactly what to do to keep him alive.

    Less than an hour after impact he was in surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. It would be hours later before his parents even knew their only son had been seriously injured, and his injuries are very bad.


    He was hit hard by a car a number of years ago, and now survives on the charity of others. He’s running short this year, and needs help to be able to keep going. If you really, really want to help someone this holiday, he needs it. Consider helping build a fundraising campaign. His parents aren’t the type of people who will ask, so I’m going it for them.

  8. Check out http://socialcoding4good.org. We connect you with nonprofits building Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS). Happy Holidays and thanks for using your skills for humanity.