Away from home? Hack some good for the holidays

Happy holidays, everyone!

I’m off for Hanukah and I want to donate a few holiday hours to a charitable project. Do you know of a good cause that could use a C hacker or independent Python web developer? Let me know and I’ll donate four hours tomorrow night, with the goal of continuing to help out during the new year.

Are you a coder yourself? Can you pledge the same? Send me an email and we will code for good tomorrow.

Update: Join us in #holidayhack on Freenode!



I decided to learn Ruby, so I present my first experiment in a new language: Termbrot!

Termbrot iterates over points in the complex plane, animating the image as it discards points from the Mandelbrot set. Get it on GitHub.


Dear Google, Please Stop This

I hate it when Google auto-corrects my searches without telling me.

I didn’t search for Magic or hotkeys. It’s okay to auto-correct, but give me an undo link.