Dear Lazyweb

I’m not sure where to report a bug for Ubuntu’s download page. My blog is aggregated on planet.gnome.org so I’m sure that the appropriate people will read this:

Ubuntu’s DVD downloads need to be updated. Right now anyone who clicks on them will start downloading Hardy Heron.

  1. Matthew Nuzum says:

    Hi, these mirrors aren't updated as frequently as the cd mirrors, nor is there an automated system for tracking which ones are updated. Later this week we should have a list up there of mirrors. But remember, you usually don't need a DVD. The only added feature is languages.

    • aantn says:

      It's not a week late. It's over a year late.

      I understand that most people don't use the DVDs. However, if Canonical thinks that there is some demand for the added languages then linking to a version of Ubuntu which is three releases old isn't acceptable. (And if there's no demand then the links don't belong there to begin with.)

  2. mgunes says:

    For future reference, the place to look for and report website-related bugs is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website .