Zeitgeist FS

Here’s a quick screencast of what Markus has been working on: He’s mounted a date-based FUSE filesystem using Zeitgeist and recently added html index pages for each day in the calendar.

For example, all documents that were opened on July 10th, 2009 would be in the virtual directory zeitgeist/2009/07/10.

Update: If you’re on Planet GNOME then you can watch the video here.

I’m excited about the possibilities that this opens up for rapidly getting new user interfaces off the ground. It also has tremendous potential to integrate Zeitgeist with the rest of the desktop, now. Using Zeitgeist FS, you don’t need to wait for GNOME 3 to use Zeitgeist with other applications. As of today you can just mount Zeitgeist as a virtual filesystem and browse it in Nautilus or from any app’s file chooser.

  1. Benjamin Otte says:

    Just a note that while it's a cool demo, Zeitgeist is not a file system and should therefore not end up in gvfs. For the simple reason that Zeitgeist does not store files.

    • aantn says:

      That's fine. As of now, Zeitgeist FS is useful for showing Zeitgeist's database in the GTK+ file chooser. Eventually we'll just write a new file chooser and query the database directly.

      It remains to be seen if we'll find another use for Zeitgeist FS.