Chain Hoaxes on Facebook

A friend sent me this private message on Facebook today:

Facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated, there have been many members complaining that Facebook is becoming very slow. Records show that the reason is that there are too many non-active Facebook members and, on the other side, too many new Facebook members.

We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not. If you are active please send to at least 15 other users using Copy+ Paste to show that you are still active. *Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks will be deleted without hesitation to create more space.*

Send this message to all your friends and to show me that you’re still active and you will not be deleted.

Founder of Facebook,
Mark Zuckerberg

I wonder how many people have fallen for this.

  1. sharkbaitbobby says:

    I got this in a text message the other day: (100% verbatim)

    FWD:FWD: FWD: Fwd:FWD:FWD: FWD: Fwd: Msg: RIP Michael Jackson This message actually works! Even ask your phone company. Send to 10 ppl then look at your new wallpaper.

    A while ago, I decided the best way to deal with this stuff is to just send it back to the sender and no one else. For a while, it worked, as I would get "nice one LOL", etc. But with this message, I got "did it work for u" …

    [Witty comment that sums up my comment] :)

  2. Mattj says:

    "I wonder how many people have fallen for this."
    Probably a few million.
    Would have been more on myspace though.

  3. dan says:

    wat is the point of a hoxs

  4. gyp7sea says:

    The moment a poorly written email with a "chain letter" requirement hits my mailbox–it's destroyed. I don't care if it come from the Goddess herself.