Hacker-Targeted Spam?

Edit: Now that I think of it, the spam most likely isn’t targeted at hackers. My email address was probably found on Ohloh and the spam bot may just be programmed to automatically include a link to the site which it found the email on.

Ugh. More spam has been getting through Gmail’s filters lately. Here’s the latest email to land in my inbox:

Hi dear,
how are you today? My name is kate, I just went Through your profile on this website (www.ohloh.net) I have no options than letting you Know that I am interested in having you as a friend, Pls write me back, I believe we can move on from here i still have more to let you know about me but that will be after i have know who you are thanks for ur understanding. I am waiting for your reply have a nice day.
From kate stay Bless.

Has anyone else had Gmail’s filters fail lately?

  1. Adrian says:

    Yap, got some SPAM recently. But the filters are still superior to others.

  2. manding says:

    maybe she just want a friend?

  3. Maciej Piechotka says:

    Well – from time to time I recive nice offers for having large profits for nothing and friendship – I thought I'm just lucky (who don't want such offers?)

    But I never from ohloh…

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  5. nicu says:

    I had the gmail filters failing recently (Google Apps) with false positives and legit business emails being marked as spam.

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