Zeitgeist and Fulltext Searches

I’ve been thinking about the proper way to handle fulltext searches in Zeitgeist. (E.g. searching through a file’s content instead of just searching for files by name.)

I think the best solution is to fall back to Tracker and other search engines for all text searches. This is especially important if we index things like GMail emails where we can’t possibly handle all searches ourselves without downloading and indexing all emails. (Instead, we would just index each email’s title and sender. If the user performs a search, we would use GMail’s API to find results on the fly.)

On that note, I’m planning on adding Google Documents and Flickr support. This probably wont happen until later this week or the beginning of next week

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  2. Daeng Bo says:

    If Gnome implements these on-line services as local mounts (GDocsFS, FlickrFS, etc.), The indexer could handle it. Also, there’s already talk on the Tracker mailing list of indexing Google Reader and such. You could be covered there.

  3. Natan Yellin says:

    Hi Daeng,
    I just saw a discussion yesterday in tracker’s IRC channel about indexing documents from online sources, and I think that there’s definitely an opportunity to work with them instead of indexing the information ourselves. Zeitgeist may have to switch to the Nepomuk ontologies (which are used by Tracker) in order to make that happen, but I think it’s definitely worth looking into.

    Thanks for the heads up.