GNOME Zeitgeist

Two months ago, I began working on GNOME Zeitgeist with Seif Lotfy. We were frustrated about usability problems with the current GNOME desktop, and we had several ideas about how we wanted to fix them. Under guidance from Thorsten Prante and Federico Mena-Quintero, we began programming a Python prototype.


Over time, we experimented with different interface designs as well as the underlying architecture. We played around with the journal-like interface that Federico suggested, added support for tagging,  and switched to a sqlite database.

Right now, we have a basic architecture in place. From here, we’re going to move on to more interesting elements. Over the next two weeks, I’m going to do some work with Seif on implicit tagging and user contexts. Both the backend and frontend have major rewrites planned.

If you have any ideas for Zeitgeist, feel free to drop either Seif or myself an email.

  1. Natan Yellin says:

    We’d like to integrate with NEPOMUK, but we have a few other project plans that we need to complete first. It’s on the long-term TODO list.