UA News Roundup

There’s a lot going on in the Universal Applets community at the moment, so I’ve decided to start writing semi-weekly wrap-up posts summarizing everything that’s happened. Here goes news roundup #1:

Forking :(

I know the news is already out all over the forums, so I’ll try to keep this short: There’s been some tension between myself and Whise lately, and the situation has not been fun. Instead of staying around the Screenlets project and doing development in a small hidden corner, I’ve decided to fork the project. I don’t have anything personal against Whise or the Screenlets project, and in the long run, I’m confident that a fork will be the healthiest option for both sides.

That said, Whise is responsible for bringing Screenlets all the way from the buggy version 0.0.10 to this month’s stable 0.1.2 release. I know version numbers don’t excite most people, but, whether you’re running the Universal Applets or Screenlets codebase, Whise does deserve your thanks along with RYX, so I suggest that you head over to the forums or gnome-look and let him know that.

IRC Channel… Phoenix, Melange, Paragon, and Lizard

Until the community decides on a new name for Universal Applets, there’s a temporary irc channel at #universal-applets on freenode with a looong list of names in the channel topic. Head over there and let us know what you think, or suggest a name of your own.

Screenlets-Extras and New Central Repository 

Moving on to something a bit more cheerful than forks, we recently moved all of the individual Screenlets out of the core Universal Applets branch and into Kwaanens’ new-ish Screenlets-extras branch. (Based on the abandoned 3rd party screenlets project.) At the moment, there’s nothing too exciting going on over there, but I suspect that’ll change by my next post

In other long-overdue news, Some-guy recently pulled off some magic with OpenSuse’s Build Service and is now running a central repository for both Universal Applets, Screenlets, and Screenlets-extras.  Kwaanens and Gilir also helped out, yet again proving that they’re worth their weight in gold.

When Bling Starts Bouncing

Yesterday, I committed some hacky code into Melange (the main Universal Applets server) for a shiny new physics engine. Words really just don’t do it justice, so go over and get it while it’s hot.