First Real Commit

I just pushed the first real commit of my branch of Screenlets to Launchpad.

It’s still a regression from the end users perspective. Don’t bother looking at it unless you’re a developer.  There’s a slightly longer explanation here.

Quick side note: I really need to write a whole post about GHOP. For now, I’d just like to (publicly) give my thanks to everyone who participated and made it happen. You know who you are, and my email to the GHOP mailing list will have to suffice until I have the time to write a post here.

  1. Ketil says:

    Following your stuff, and really looking forward to this happening :) Any possibility of running your branch in a closed environment, so it does not screw up the functional screenlets?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, but no.

    You should be able to switch between the two, but I really wouldn’t recommend it at this point. There are no new features to test out yet.